Full Review & Comparison: The Four Kinds of Music Boxing Machines

Music boxing machines have become a fitness phenonema in the last year and thanks to that many new types of machines were created. 

One Punch Ultimate Music Boxing Machine (v3)

one punch music boxing machine

This machine is the ultimate most advanced music boxing machine out there today. It has the most advanced techonology and it gained tiktok fame thanks to its unique functionalty. The uniqness of this machine is that the beats sync with the music rythem. This makes it so fun and so cool. First of all it requires the user to be aligned to the ryhtem and develop tempo abilities. It is also so fun because you get to listen to your favorite music and move your body according to pace of the song.

The machine doesn't have the ability to play your own songs because the machine needs to be programmed to show the beats based on the music beats.

You can play one of the 900 songs availble on the app and these are very popular songs. The app also allows to record your scores and see your improvement.

This version 3 One Punch boxing music machine is the only one out there that has this cool feature of syncing the beats to the music. This requres very smart tech and therefore the price is according to that. All the other machines we will review in this posts do not have this functionalty, but they do allow to play music in the background whicle you box.

This smart machine is made out of polypropylene & polyurethanes which are the best materials for this kind of equipment. These materials will keep the machine in great condition for many years ahead. The lights on the machine are made from LED in order to last for year and to consume little energy. It also comes with a phone holder and boxing gloves.

The music punching machine is wall mounted with a 2m Velcro that allows to take it off and move it to a different place any time you like. 

The package includes 

  • 1* One Punch Music Boxing Machine
  • 1* Pair of Boxing Gloves
  • 1* Phone Stand compatible with various mobile phone versions)
  • 1* USB Charging Cable (compatible with 5V voltage)
  • 1* Manual 

Looking to get the v3 music boxing machine? You can buy it from this link.

Musical Boxing Machine (V2)

music boxing machine wall mounted

This music boxing machine we call here version 2, is the best music machine out there that doesn't have the functionaltiy of beats synced with the music that V3 has. This music boxing machine allows you to connect your phone with bluetooth to the machine and play your music while enjoying the boxing. It also has its own beat that allows you to practice your boxing skills in different levels.

Led lights are used to display the targets where you need to hit with your fist. So the challenge is to hit the targets where the lights indicate.

This workouts improve hand-eye coordination, flexibility and reaction speed. It also allows you to relieve stress, burns a lot of calories and is great for your heart.

You can actually choose between sound effects that the machine does when you hit or miss a hit, or choose the mode playing your own music in the background. 

Materials: The main body of the boxing reaction target is made from high quality PU materials and uses a foaming process during the making of the box. This allows a comfortable boxing surface while providing waterproof, non-slippery and impact resistant surface.

How to turn on: hit a long press on the SET button for three seconds to switch on/off. A short press on the SET button twice to switch modes, short press SET three times to switch on/off the music. This makes it easy to operate even for your kids.

You can Install the machine with our velcros or with screw-hole that are provided in the package. This provides flexibility for different needs. The nailless installation is suitable for flat tiled walls, and screw installation is recommended for walls with powdered surfaces. This installation is really strong and it won't dent even after prolonged impact and millions of boxing hits.

The package includes 

  • 1*Music Boxing Machine
  • 1*Phone Bracket (this stainless steel phone holder is compatible with various mobile phone sizes)
  • 1*USB Charging Cable (compatible with 5V voltage)
  • 1*Manual 

installing a music boxing machine

The package sizes are ‎22.4 x 18.31 x 4.53 inches, and it weights 9.89 pounds (4.49 Kilograms)

Looking to get the v2 music boxing machine? You can buy it from this link.

Music Boxing Machine (v1)


 music boxing machine for sale

The version 1 machine is pretty similar to the v2 music boxing machine, but a bit more for beginners. 

You can connect your phone to the machine via Bluetooth and play your music in the background while you box. The machine also has the functionality of responding to your hits and making different sounds when you hit correctly or when you miss. 

This functionality helps you improve your speed, accuracy and over all boxing abilities. It also allows to relief stress and improve hand to eye connection.

It could be a great addition to your home gym and will allow you to workout in a fun way while staying at the comfort of your home. 

Materials: this music boxing machine is made from high-quality PU leather and polyurethane. It is equipped with a three-layer shock absorption built in the machine.

Looking to buy the v1 music boxing machine? You can read more about it here.

Kids Music Boxing Machine

music boxing machine for kids

This music boxing machine is the best one you can get for kids under the age of 12. It has a cool screen display. It can also play music along your boxing and has PU leather and foam materials.

Installation: this kids music boxing machine offers sticker installation or screw-hole wall mounting, providing flexibility for different kind of houses and walls. Children can enjoy it also in their room.

This kids machine has 2-5 light boxing modes. It workes in a way that the faster you hit, the faster the light appears. You can play with 1-9 levels of rhythm and adjust the light jump speed. 

This machine will allow your kids to increase their workout time instead of playing games on their PC. It will allow them to increase their heart strength, be more vital and have more overall motivation. Get your kid ready for boxing classes with this great music boxing machine.

The machine is built for kids, but it can withstand 400kg of blows. Its size is 37 x 33 x 4.5 cm / 14.6 x 13 x 1.8 inches. 

Looking to buy the kids boxing music machine ? You can read more about it here.

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