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Version 2
Version 3
Materials polyurethane polypropylene & polyurethanes
Bluetooth Connection Yes Yes
Size 19.4"(L) 3.31"(W) 20.53"(H)

50(L) 51(W) 9(H) CM
21.65"(L) 5.11"(W) 23.62"(H);

60(L) 55(W) 13(H) cm
Boxing Programs More then 900 songs More then 900 songs
Weight 7.89 Lbs
8.8 Lbs
Released Year 2024 2023
Music Generated Beats Yes Yes
App Yes Yes
Lights Personalization Yes Yes
Installation 2m Velcro 2m Velcro
Boxing gloves Included Yes Yes
Phone Holder Yes Yes
Shock Absorption Yes Yes
Charging Cable USB USB
Links To Read More Link to Post Link to Post
Price $399 $729

Our Mobile App

The One Punch official mobile app is available for anyone that purchased the v2 or v3 music boxing machines. It adds so many cool features to your workout routine. Read more about it in our blog.

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Why Buy Music Boxing Machines

We believe that music boxing machines are the ultimate mashup of sports and party vibes! Here's why:

They're a total blast for workouts and playtime inside your home, whether by yourself or with family and friends. Picture this: groovy tunes pumping up your punches, turning every jab into a dance move.

These boxing music machines make boxing super cool by syncing your moves with beats, making you feel like a boxing rockstar! It's not just about throwing punches; it's about grooving to the rhythm while getting fit.

Our line of music boxing machines is for anyone who wants to sweat it out in a seriously fun way! So, if you're up for a mix of exercise and a good time, these music boxing machines are the way to go!