All About The One Punch Music Boxing Machine Mobile App

The OnePunch app makes our smart machine even greater. It allows so many additional capabilities and features to help you get in shape and have fun while working out. With our great app you will be able to burn tons of calories, enjoy the best music boxing machine in the world and profit from the benefits of the OnePunch boxing machine.

The cool feature of music syncing with lights works well thanks to the app. The huge library of 900 songs is programmed in to the machine to be able to sync them to the beats lights. With the app you can choose any song you like from the library and work out with the highly motivational songs we have on the the app. It is just like running with pumping music.

Lets get into reviewing the different screens we have in the app.


The homepage will be the first screen you will see every-time you open the app. On the homepage of the OnePunch app you will see the calories you burned, goals you have achieved and practices you preformed. You can record your workouts and have a look at them anytime you want from the homepage. From the homepage you can also access the huge music library that will make your time with our music boxing machine so fun and motivating. You can enter a practice screen that will give you ideas on how to workout with your One Punch machine. One cool feature we have is that you can personalize the lights that are shown on your One Punch music boxing machine. Choose the color and the form of the lights. The homepage basically is your gate to controlling your smart music boxing machine.

One punch android app homepage


Allows you to learn different boxing positions, do warm-ups and learn the different forms that exist in the boxing world. This screen is great if you need some guidance in the beginning. It is basically your own personal trainer, that will walk you through on every different way you can exercise with the One Punch app.

One punch app teaching

Music Library 

The OnePunch app has a huge music library of songs in many different styles for your workout. You can choose from more than 900 songs and we are always adding new songs. The app allows you to find the right songs that will create the motivation and commitment for your home workouts. You can choose from pop music to Korean music and much more. You can also choose songs by the rating they got from other users.

One punch app music list

if you are a fan of Tabata workouts we got the best music to get you motivated. Have a look at some examples.

One punch iPhone app music

Data Center

One of the great features on our app is kind of a diary of your workouts. You can record your past workouts, analyze it and learn from the past to improve your routine. 

One punch app scores


One of the coolest feature the OnePunch has is the ability to change the boxing lights colors. You just enter the “me” page by clicking on the icon in the bottom right, then choose personalized color. You then can customize the lights color you want to appear in your music boxing machine. You can also personalize the type of lights that show on the boxing machine. 

One punch app for iPhone


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